Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blazing Star at Chaparral Prairie

The prairie was ablaze during a visit to Chaparral Prairie State Nature Preserve. The background of prairie grass was filled with purple spikes of Blazing Star. The yellow flowers of the Prairie Dock were also blooming.


  1. Hi, Michael. I saw you started following my blog and decided to check out what you've started. I love Chaparral Prairie, it's a fun place to botanize come summer. I own land in Adams County just SE of West Union off 125 and am down there botanizing all the time and work/volunteer with the Edge of Appalachia preserve. So many fantastic and rare plants on display from March to October down there!

  2. Hello, A.L. Yes Adams County has some interest plants. I just wish I knew more of them. You work with EOA? That's cool. I worked with them last summer while I was still in college.

  3. Hi Michael, Nancy here from the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System. This is a gorgeous photo. The Arc is working to purchase the 60 acre tract next to Chaparral to double the preserve. Would you be willing by chance to permit us to print this photo on our upcoming newsletter to promote this project and the treasures of this site? If so, my email is Thanks so much, hope to connect. We have a lot of preserves in Adams County and I would enjoy meeting you. Sincerely, Nancy Stranahan